I may have wrote this for no reason, but also to introduce myself. Sooo here's some facts or something:

1.) I'm Psychodash, not Phychodash, Psychodash. That was a horrible spelling error I can't fix (that was an account rename).

2.) I play TF2 and GMod alot and I'm always open for playing with people (my steam is here).

3.) I travel around on alot of wikis. Don't be surprised if you have a wiki and I find it.

4.) I can code, and I love to learn more when I can.

5.) My "dreamjob" when I'm older is to be an animator or game developer.

6.) My favorite colors are gold, maroon, light green, and any shade of blue.

7.) I really like when dark colors are merged together, I think it looks GREAT, so obviously I like this wiki's design ^-^.

8.) I hate talking about myself, despite being really talkative when I have an opportunity to do so.

9.) Speaking of myself, I tend to brag about staff positions on other wikis, pre-apologies.

10.) Aaand speaking of other wikis, things I am most proud of are getting admin on the Five Nights at Wario's Wiki and (temporary) admin on The World of Memes Wiki.

11.) I have three wikis of my own, this, this (may be abandoned), and another one that is still a big WIP and I'd rather not share.

50.) That's all I can think of, see you around the wiki!

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