The Wiki's Shelf
The Wiki's Shelf is your casual shelf where you can find pretty much everything that doesn't need to be cooled or freezed and so doesn't need to go in The Fridge. It's the place where the people in the chat can store their valuable or collection items. Use it carefully, and don't let it empty, please.

Here's what you could probably find in the Shelf. Caution : The Shelf is available to all the confirmed wikiers, and is especially owned by TheSecondEdgeOfTheBlade. Please follow the main rules, and don't break them. Please, no.

There're 8 items in maximum that you could find, each with their own shelf, from bottom to top. Here's what have been placed in here so far:

  • A frying pan and a saucepan with a lid each ;
  • A solid 3x3x3 cm light green dyed glass cube with a pair of reusable gloves ;
  • A single M&M cookie ;
  • Bede's Beard ;
  • Thomas the Tank Engine's Whistle (with a side of coal & water) ;
  • A diverse assortment of candy and sweets, with the noticeable lack of Kit Kats ;
  • The stuffed head of a Triceratops ;