The Wiki's Fridge
The Wiki's Fridge is the fridge every wikier can find in the chatroom. It's basically the only way to provide food to the people in the chat. Use it carefully, and don't let it empty, please.

Here's what you could probably find in the Fridge. Caution : The Fridge is available to all the confirmed wikiers, and is especially owned by TheSecondEdgeOfTheBlade. Please follow the main rules, and don't take the wrong cheesecake. Please, no.

There're 11 items in maximum that you could find, each with their own shelf, from bottom to top. Here's what have been placed in here so far:

  • Various vegetables, enough to make a soup ;
  • Leftover omni fruits (only one or two left) ;
  • A vandal's Soup (made out of the severed head of a vandal) ;
  • Some coriander in a bag, next to a large, black lever key with a circular bow ringed with large spikes ;
  • A green jar with one of Nord's wub ;
  • Cheesecake ;
  • One Mega Baboon's Heart ;
  • Two boxes of rainbow cookies (skittle flavored) ;
  • Many many sugar cookies ;

There's also a freezer (2 items only):

  • 1 box of chocolate-flavored Banhammers ;