Species:Anthropomorphic Bunny
SizeAbout 5' 9"
RelationsDeeply alone
Other Name(s)Pahr'dox, Para, Mason
AlignmentLawful Good-Neutral / Chaotic Evil
Roleplayer: Paradox


Paradox is a light-headed, impulsive and honest man. His behavior is most of the time of a shy or nervous one, because he is childish in his ways of speech.

He doesn't consider himself as smart, or rich, but he has a considerable fortune thanks to his numerous adventures IRL. He's obliging and reliable with anyone he trusts.

Paradox seems to always know where to be and when to appear; Some may say that he has a certain power over the Time, but it has never been confirmed.


An anthropomorphic bunny in a tailored suit, what did you expect? The color of this suit may vary depending the room Paradox is standing in.

Key AccessoriesEdit

A pocket watch, and whiskers. Special Bowtie !

He doesn't smoke. And never will.


  • French food/La Cuisine Française ;
  • Hot Chocolate and rarely, Tea ;
  • Mansions. And their history.


  • Impolite people ;
  • Impolite people ;
  • Unrespectful people.

Insane FormEdit

Very rarely, and for good reasons, Paradox may lose himself and become practically insane. At this stage, black scars may cover his whole face. His smile may also expand and reach a state close to this one.

He may become excessively sarcastic, arrogant and provocative.