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Alice is (probably not) dead is the name of the project your dear pseudo-artist Paradox has started to make in the beginning of September 2015.

This project consist simply by him drawing the ones he considers as friends and the ones that he is able to sketch as Halloween-themed creatures. These are the only conditions to appear in this project.

Let me warn you, the list of these people is already complete and new people won't be added.

As you know, the schoolyear is starting for most of us, and I have already nearly too many people to draw. And I still need to add to this schedule a few requests I promised to do, and that I'll do.

This list will be kept secret for now, and you will be able to discover who's in this list when I'll publish the drawings on my DA or on Youtube. Because yes, I have decided to make speedpaints out of this too. You can easily imagine the dose of stress and work I'll be having, before the deadline : The 31st of October, 2015. Yup, HALLOWEEN Emoticon Angry Blushing Smile 02

But for now, you can try to guess who's going to be who, through this list (the names in orange are the ones of those who have been drawn and published). There's no order:

  • Cheshire Mangled - Mangledmeddlingmetal;
  • The Mad Hatterpan - Good Demopan;
  • H... N... painting ..... - ?;
  • ...ce will d.. with he. .. - ?;
  • Twee.. A.. and ....dle .ni are shin... - ?;
  • The Q...n of Hea..'s ..cre.. - ?;
  • Ev... se...d is pr...ous - ?;
  • The Q...n's gu..... - ?.