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What is A Shanix for Your Thoughts?

A Shanix for Your Thoughts (or ASfYT, for short) is a Swindle-centric Transformers: Animated fanfiction in a series written by Miranda Z. Johnston. It is the first of four fanfics and tells the story of how Swindle made an unusual business deal and landed himself an even more unusual companion.

Where Can I Read It?

You can read A Shanix for Your Thoughts on deviantART, on Wattpad, or on Tumblr!

The deviantART gallery and Tumblr blog also contain artwork related to the series.

Tell Me About the Story

The story is broken down into four books.

The first book in the ASfYT series. 30,000 words.

Warning: spoilers.

Swindle heads back to Cybertron in the wake of the escape of a dangerous Decepticon prisoner. With all the enforcers on the lookout for the escapee, it's the perfect time for Swindle's usual brand of business dealings.

Swindle steps outside of his usual pattern when a femme named Stiletto offers him ‡50 — — to transport her off planet. She offers him further reward for taking her around the galaxy—she's an ex-Elite Guard femme, and she knows where they keep certain illegal items that make Swindle positively gaga.

But then Stiletto turns out to be none other than Shockwave in disguise…

Swindle kicks Shockwave off of his ship. Shockwave now has to hide from Lockdown, who's after Shockwave's shifter abilities, all on his own. But circumstances conspire to throw Shockwave and Swindle back together, and now they must both evade a furious Lockdown together.


The second book in the ASfYT series. Work in progress.

Warning: spoilers.

Shockwave's master plan comes to fruition… But there are unexpected consequences for all involved.

Galvatron was never a variable Shockwave expected to find in the equation.

The third book in the ASfYT series.

Content to be added later when it won't be a wicked spoiler.

The fourth book in the ASfYT series.

Content to be added later when it won't be a wicked spoiler.

Who are the Main Characters?

  • Swindle
    • The main point-of-view character for the majority of the story. At least in the beginning, anyway. The Prosperity is his ship.
  • Shockwave (AKA Stiletto, Longarm Prime, all number of other past aliases)
    • The main driver of the story's plot. For the most part, he keeps his plans to himself, but they affect everyone.
  • Lockdown
    • The main antagonist of the first book and a continued threat in the next ones. He's after Shockwave's shifter abilities… Among other things.
  • Blurr
    • The bot who really didn't want to end up in the situation he did.
  • Cyclonus
    • The temporally-displaced bot whose true motivations are hidden from nearly everyone.
  • Blitzwing
    • The crazed triple-changer who ends up in all of this mostly by accident. It's everyone's accident.
  • Knock Out
    • A native Velocitronian medic who repeatedly patches up the main cast when they've been careless. Don't touch his paint job if you value your life.
  • Galvatron
    • If Lockdown is the Big Bad, Galvatron is the Bigger Bad. He's thoroughly insane and seeks nothing but revenge and destruction.
  • Strika
    • She'll probably be important later but I haven't decided quite how yet.
  • Blackarachnia
    • Shhh… Spoilers!