As with any wiki, there are some rules here, enforced by the staff. Follow these, and you will have no reason to fear getting a warning or ban.


  • Do not read somebody's private conversation.
  • Do not remove a warning from your message wall.
    • Doing so will land you an immediate ban in the area that the warning was for, and the warning will be restored.
  • Do not spam.
  • Do not harass.
    • Cursing is okay; insulting is not.
  • Do not vandalize.
    • If an account has severe vandalism as the only edit(s), it will be infinitely banned immediately.


  • Do not upload any pornographic or otherwise indecent images to the wiki.
    • Doing so will result in an immediate infinite ban.

Other than that, upload anything. Have a blast! Just be aware that anything you do upload can and will be seen


  • Do not make any obscene pages.
  • Be mindful that any page you make will be seen.

If you wish to secure a page as your own, use the User Owned template:

This page is created and owned by Example. Please do not edit it without their permission.

Simply type:

{{User Owned|Your_Username}}

  • That being said, do not edit a page with this template if it does not belong to you, and you don't have permission.


Serious Rules:Edit

  1. Don't spam. This includes:
    • A - Huge blocks of text
    • B - Repetitive repetitiveness
    • C - Many many emoticons
    • D - Walls of blank space
    • E - Too much CAPSLOCK
    • F - Et Cetera
  2. Don't harass. Includes:
    • A - Racism
    • B - Sexism
    • C - Slurs
    • D - Insults
    • E - Sexual advances
    • F - Repetitively pinging
    • G - Et Cetera
  3. If asked to stop doing something, stop it.
  4. If asked to drop a subject, drop it.
  5. Do not ask for personal information from a user.
    (This can be excused if the user has clearly expressed that they are willing to give this information)
  6. Obey the Moderators and Administrators.
    (Unless by doing so you would break a rule, or that Moderator/Administrator is breaking rules.)
  7. Do not blatantly and repetitively copy people.
  8. You may ask, but may not nag an administrator
    • For text color.
    • For emoticons.
    • About the rules.
    • About a user's ban
      (The administrator can choose whether or not to give you this information.)
  9. Do not link to webpages with images, videos, et cetera of a pornographic or of an otherwise indecent variety.
    (Doing so will earn you an immediate month-long ban)
  10. You're not getting a position of power. Don't ask.
  11. If you're roleplaying
    • Do not puppeteer
    • Do not be over-powered
  12. If you need to report something that happened in a PM, calmly take a screenshot, PM a Moderator or Administrator, and report it. Do not kick up a fuss in the main chat.

The Waaaaaaay more important rules:Edit

  • Don't eat the cheesecake from the middle shelf of the fridge.
    • No really. Don't.
      • I'm being serious.
        • It's poisoned.
  • No Lollygaggin'
  • Please, please, PLEASE don't break the windows.
  • If you bake cookies, you must share.
  • Seriously though, don't eat the middle shelf cheesecake.

Evolution of DisciplineEdit

Number of offensesDisciplinary action (main)Disciplinary action (chat)
First OffenseWarning, offending post(s) removedWarning
Second OffenseOne day block, offending post(s) removedKick
Third OffenseOne week block, offending post(s) removedOne day ban
Fourth OffenseOne month block, offending post(s) removedOne week ban
Fifth OffenseInfinite block, all posts removedOne month ban or more

Note: Some variation exists in this, based on the offense. For example, severe infractions will not be given the regular disciplinary track at all, and are subject to immediate infinite bans/blocks.